The deliciously fruity mango tastes wonderful in combination with cucumber. The mango cucumber salsa tastes totally refreshing, especially with chicken.

Chicken with fruity-juicy mango and cucumber salsa

Sun !!! If it is as warm in the evening as it is today, then I like light, vitamin-rich food. Even better, if the food lands on the plate in no time and does not have to be cooked for ages. And exactly that recipe I brought you today. A simple and tasty mango cucumber salsa . Wonderfully refreshing and just right for warm summer days.

Mango & Cucumber Salsa

For the fruity salsa made from crunchy cucumber and sweet mango, you only need a few ingredients and you can conjure up a fast low carb dinner in no time at all. I especially like to eat the salsa with chicken breast fillets or pure.

The wonderfully fruity mango tastes wonderful in combination with cucumber.

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