I baked healthy Berliners without sugar, which still taste pleasantly sweet due to the maple syrup. Perfect for a fun carnival party in the day care center or the children's birthday party.

Healthy Berliners/donuts - perfect for children

Helau and Alaaf! Today, the foolish days begin and I've brought you delicious pastries for the carnival days. There are healthy donuts that are just perfect for kids and the fun carnival party in kindergarten. Because that's where the little snacks go. :)


Unfortunately, the only Cologne in our family, my son Tom, does not seem to be a carnival jeck. When I wanted to put on his costume today, he resisted a lot. And then he just put on a colorful T-shirt - that was the ultimate feeling. And even the mother should rather bring him in the normal clothes, instead of bee costume, to the daycare. The excitement is increasing - as it will be when we go to the weekend on the weekend and he sees the many colorful costumes:)

Healthy Berliners without sugar

My delicious Mini-Berliners are coming without any Sugar, but taste pleasant sweet by the maple syrup. The dough consists of spelled flour, milk and vanilla and of course, a sweet filling may not be missing. I used a sugar-free jam for my Berliners. Alternatively, nutmeg (for example cashew) or apple marrow tastes really delicious as a Berlin filling. If you want, you can dust the Berlin (donut) with some icing sugar after baking.

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Healthy baking for children

The healthy mini-Berliner not only taste during the carnival season, but are also great for the birthday party . When I bake for Tom, it's always sugar-free. There are just so many great ways to sweeten cakes, waffles & Co. in a different way. I like to use applesauce, dates, bananas and maple syrup for baking.

Healthy Berline r for children
preparation time
15 Min.
Preparation time
15 Min.
working time
30 Min.

Delicious Berliners/donuts should not be missed on the foolish days.Add the oatmeal and maple syrup and stir in a dough. Leave the dough in one place for one hour.

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

  • Form the dough into small balls and place it on top Fill with baking paper. Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes.

  • The Put jam (or alternatively nutmeg or apple purée) in a piping bag and spray it sideways into the Berlin. Optionally dust with icing sugar.

  • Good to know

    I discovered the recipe on Healthy Lena's blog and slightly modified it.

    Let the delicious Berlin taste good and have some nice carnival days!

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