Healthy Pregnancy - A balanced diet is very important for the healthy development of your baby, especially during pregnancy.

Healthy foods for pregnancy

Arrived in the 8th month of pregnancy :) I still remember my positive pregnancy test, as if it had been yesterday. This little test strip has changed my life quite a bit. At least my eating and drinking habits. There is no more glass of wine in the evening, no onion Mettbrötchen in the office and no Gorgonzola and no soft-boiled egg more for Sunday breakfast. But you know something? I've never lost it so easily as I am now in pregnancy, where a small person in my belly grows up and kicking:

A balanced diet is very, very important for the healthy development of your baby, especially during pregnancy.

Actually, I always eat very well - even so before pregnancy. Even though in the canteen even low-grade carbohydrates from wheat flour land on my plate, at home I pay a lot of attention to using good carbohydrates like whole grain rice and potatoes.

Today I want to bring you my favorite foods in pregnancy, which are all packed with essential nutrients for you and your baby!

Healthy foods for pregnancy

Chia seeds

Chia seeds contain three times as many antioxidants as blueberries The calcium content is twice as high as that of bananas, the omega-3 content is 10 times that of salmon, and the iron content is three times that of spinach.

Chia seeds boost the immune system, skin and connective tissue, provide energy and improve digestion through their many healthy properties.

Chia seeds accompany me every day for breakfast. I love the little powerhouses that are filling and full of healthy nutrients.The effort of removing the pomegranate seeds from the peel is worthwhile:)

I like pomegranates as a topping for the chocolate pudding, in quinoa salad or as a topping for a quick chia yoghurt.


Avocados are real superfoods with almost 20 different vitamins and minerals ! They strengthen the immune system, regulate the blood pressure, ensure the healthy development of the brain and nervous system and support the growth of the muscles.

I like to eat avocados as a pure spread, as a base for my chocolate pudding or in a salad. A simple drink made of 500 ml buttermilk, a banana and an avocado is delicious too. If I am not hungry in the evening, I often get enough of such a drink, because it is quite filling.

W nuts

Walnuts are packed with essential nutrients, such as omega-3s, proteins, vitamin B, vitamin E and folic acid. And by the way, they are also super delicious and perfect as a snack in between or as a topping for colorful salads.

I particularly like pasta with walnuts or my quinoa salad with walnuts.

Dried apricots

Dried apricots not only fulfill their purpose in the field of digestion, They are also rich in folic acid and a great source of iron, magnesium and fiber.

I like to eat dried apricots as a snack or as a fruity ingredient in my oatmeal biscuits or other Energy balls.


My all-sweetest berries!

Blueberries have an anti-inflammatory effect, support the formation of red blood cells, protect against free radicals and promote general health.I'm looking forward to the blueberry season again!

Green Spinach

I love green spinach as an ingredient in green smoothies. Here my favorite green smoothie with spinach, oranges and mango. It strengthens the immune system and supports the body in the formation of blood. And it tastes really delicious too!

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  • Pasta , Rice & Co

    Also, carbohydrates should not be missed in my pregnancy. However, I make sure to use mostly wholemeal pasta, wholewheat bread and whole grain rice.Simply Divine!

    What are your favorite foods that you do not want to do without in your pregnancy? I look forward to your tips and recommendations:)

    In my article on healthy drinking during pregnancy you will find tips and ideas for healthy drinks that should accompany you during pregnancy.

    Foods Pregnant Women Should Not Give Up

    Raw milk products

    Raw milk products include camembert, gorgonzola, ricotta, feta, raw milk cheese and unpasteurised milk, as these may contain listeriosis bacteria. Listeriosis bacteria can cause serious brain damage in the baby. Thorough heating will render the pathogen harmless. So I'm still eating my pork fillet with gorgonzola sauce.

    Raw Eggs

    Salmonella should be a good substitute for unhealthy eggs and mayonnaise-based salad dressings and tiramisu.

    Raw Meat

    Raw meat should be avoided because of the toxoplasmosis pathogens that can damage the baby's brain. Raw meats include mettwurst, tartare, salami, raw ham, or not-well-cooked meat products. Unfortunately, there is no Mettbrötchen in pregnancy for me ...

    By thoroughly heating the germs are rendered harmless - The pizza salami is therefore also allowed during pregnancy!

    Raw and cold smoked Fish

    These include, for example, smoked salmon or sushi.

    Ready-made salads

    You should refrain from using ready-made salads during pregnancy as they may contain bacteria.

    Inferior Carbohydrates

    Inferior carbohydrates include white flour and sugar.

    I wish you a beautiful, healthy pregnancy!

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