You want to lose weight healthy after birth? Then you will find my nutrition tips and my sports program for the after-baby body

Healthy weight loss after birth

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There are supposed to be new mothers who simply lose weight through breastfeeding and have their old figure back after only a few weeks. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. My way to the after-baby-body, so to my personal wellbeing weight, will be a little more exhausting. But I want to lose weight healthy and take the time that my body needs.

Fitness with stroller - fit thanks to baby

Healthy weight loss after birth

But first of all the facts. In the pregnancy, I have gained a total of 13 pounds. Nurtured I have a very balanced and healthy, even if I have discovered in the last weeks of pregnancy then but my love for sweets :) And even if a few kilos have already said goodbye, still missing 8 kilos to my feel-good weight, my after-baby -Body. And exactly the 8 kilos I pack now! Because when I look around my closet, it does not really fit much anymore.

Stay Fit with Prams - Fitness Program for Mothers

Lightning diets and power sports are not allowed for the moment. During breastfeeding, care should be taken to maintain a balanced diet so that the baby, through breast milk, gets all the essential nutrients such as fiber, magnesium, zinc, vitamins B6 and folic acid. Even at the training you should first rantasten slowly. It is important to visit a recovery course after 8 - 12 weeks and strengthen the pelvic floor.

I want to lose weight healthily, so my plan for the next few weeks is a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and much more Exercise.

I took some pictures of my training. You can do all the exercises in your daily walks. And the fitness exercises for mothers are still fun:)

Healthy weight loss after birth

Fit with baby - fast slender after birth

Sportive Walks - Fitness for Mothers

At motherhood I love the vi Long strolls with prams, especially in bright sunshine. On the way I'm with Tom between two and five hours a day.Tom loves walks just like me and always looks fascinated from his stroller. In between, I change from a leisurely walk to a somewhat firmer walk. As I walk, I do simple sports such as squats or lunges, or use benches or railings as exercise equipment.

 Healthy weight loss after birth - buggy fitness

Baby Courses

Buggy Fitness

Wednesday's buggy fitness for us. When buggy-fit we walk with the stroller through the park, train with dumbbells, run up and down stairs or do abdominal-leg-butt exercises on the mat. The whole thing with a group of about 10 mothers and their babies. There is always something going on and you get a good sweat;) And sports in the group is just a lot more fun than alone. By the way: Buggy-Fit is a certified health course and is funded by health insurances with up to 80%.

Sports Exercises with Prams

Happy mother with her baby in the park

Kanga Training

What me too Kanga training is a try. Kanga is a fitness program during which the baby is carried in the baby carrier. Tom loves to be carried! Kanga training would therefore be a great occupation for us.

Gymnastics & Yoga

Since my regression course is now over unfortunately, I keep myself at home with my fitness DVDs in Shape. On 3 days a week I train with the DVD Shred: Slim in 30 days by Jillian Michaels . I've always had great success with him and now Jillian is supposed to help me get back to the after-baby body :) I'm curious and looking forward to the workout.

In addition to the sweaty training I love Yoga. Yoga is good for my back and gently brings me back into shape.He is doing gymnastics next to me under his play bow or is sitting in his Babybjörn seesaw and watching his mom training. The Babybjörn Balance Soft seesaw is really worth the gold for us, and Tom always squeals and beaming how much he likes her. Meanwhile, he has got the hang of it and can rock back and forth on his own. Thanks to Babybjörn, Mum can exercise, cook or take a shower in peace - without a bad conscience or a crying baby :) My absolute must-have for expectant mothers and fathers!

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Babybjörn Balance Soft Baby Crib

ergonomic baby rocker - Babybjörn Balance Soft rocker

 Babybjörn Balance Soft seesaw

 Happy Babies - Babybjörn Balance Soft Rocker

Cheerful eyes toy for Babybjörn seesaw


On the daily ice cream in my favorite ice cream parlor (okay, I could join you on 4x the I do not want to give it up. As compensation for the ice cream, I have delicious low carb dishes or colorful salads in the evening.At the moment I like zucchini noodles. They're quick, delicious and really filling.

My favorite Zoodles creations

Tasty low carb recipes

Are you one of the lucky ones to follow? the birth of her old figure again or do you feel like me? Do you have tipps for me? Do you want to lose weight and come back to Fom quickly? I look forward to your feedback!

So and now it means for me to lose weight and go to the after-baby body :)

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