My healthy pancake cake with banana and almond paste is full of healthy ingredients and lets you start the day happy and full of energy.

Healthy pancake cake with almond paste

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I have real soul food for you today, and you can even enjoy it for breakfast! Because my delicious pancake cake with banana and almond is full of healthy ingredients and lets you start the day happy and full of energy. Pancakes for breakfast! What's better on a leisurely weekend?

Healthy pancake cake with Banana-almond-musel - breakfast for children

Healthy pancake cake for breakfast

For the pretty cake, the pancakes are stacked together with the banana-almond and maple syrup. With fresh berries and nuts, you can then garnish your pancake cake at your whim, then cut into pieces like a cake and enjoy your perfect breakfast. Fast, tasty and a very nice idea for a healthy family breakfast. Click here for other delicious breakfast ideas.

Sugar-free pancake cake with maple syrup, banana almond and fresh berries

Sugar free pancake cake for the healthy family breakfast

Pancakes for Kids

I have as Child really like to eat pancakes. And since Tom likes her just as much, I've been looking for a simple recipe that is suitable for children and contains no sugar. The dough is not really sweet, as you may know from the sugar variant. It consists of spelled flour, maple syrup, egg and milk and is sautéed in coconut oil. The maple syrup and the banana and almond nut give the little cakes but a wonderful, subtle sweetness that is absolutely sufficient. If you want, you can also add some cinnamon, coconut blossom sugar or minced dates to the dough.

As a topping, I mixed crushed bananas with almond purée and spread the pancakes.

  • Crush the bananas with a fork and crush with the Stir almond purée.

  • The finished pancakes with bananas Brush almond paste and maple syrup.

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    With berries Garnish nuts and grated coconut, cut into pieces of cake and enjoy.

  • Let the Pancake cake taste good and have a nice day!

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    Healthy pancake cake with almond paste

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