I love energyballs and today I brought you my favorite recipe for the healthy snack - Matcha Energyballs with figs, coconut and cashews.

Matcha Energyballs - healthy snacks for in between

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I love Energyballs and am wondering why I have never posted a recipe for the healthy raw food balls here. Probably because energyballs are so damn tasty and always eaten so fast. :) That's why I brought you my very favorite recipe for energy balls today - with dried figs, cashew nuts and matcha. The healthy balls are super delicious, turbo-fast made and perfect for a little snack in between.

Matcha Energyballs - Healthy snacks for in-between

Matcha - the green wonder tea

I particularly like Matcha in energyballs. The Japanese green tea is finally considered a healthy awake, as the fine green powder contains about as much caffeine as an espresso. You can use Matcha not only as a base for many delicious drinks, but also for cooking and baking.

 Recipe for Matcha energyballs with cashews and figs

For the Matcha, the leaves of the Tencha tea plant are ground into fine green tea powder. In the Matcha so pure nature, even if the poison green color reminds rather of chemistry. The Matcha leaves are derived from the natural color chlorophyll.

Matcha is full of antioxidants, amino acids, beta-carotene, iron, vitamins and minerals and is especially popular with athletes.

Tasty Energyballs with emcur's Matcha

For my Energyballs I used emcur's BIO-Matcha , which you can buy in a practical dosing pack, for example in DM.For this I mix coconut water with matcha powder in an ice cube shape. I then put the finished Matcha cubes in a jar of coconut water or coconut milk. A wonderfully refreshing summer drink with a great color once the ice cubes have dissolved:)

 Matcha coconut drink and healthy energyballs

 Healthy Energyballs with Matcha, Cashews and Figs

Advertising. This article was written in cooperation with emcur. My opinion on the products was not influenced. Thank you for the great collaboration.
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