I brought you a recipe for classic vanilla kipper. The delicious Christmas cookies are simply prepared and taste simply divine!

Classic vanilla kipferl - absolutely sure of success

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Are you already busy baking cookies? I actually made it this year and baked classic vanilla crisps , my sweetest Christmas cookies. The recipe comes from my father-in-law, a pastry chef. And finally I could elicit his delicious recipe for the delicious Kipferl! Psst, I'll tell you, of course :) For what would Christmas be without vanilla kipper ...

Classic Vanilla Kipferl - an absolutely sure recipe

Simple Recipe for Vanilla Kipferl

So far, I have never prepared vanilla kipper for myself, because I thought that would be too complicated for me as a back-muffle :) But I was better informed! The delicious nibbles are absolutely sure of success and made easy. And if I say that as a self-confessed baking muffle, then the Kipferl can only succeed:)

Classic Vanilla Kipferl - an absolutely sure recipe

Classic Vanilla Kipferl

Sugar Free? These are not my kipferl really. But with my favorite cookies, I like to make an exception. The delicious vanilla cookies are baked in a classic way with wheat flour, butter, egg, powdered sugar and Christmas vanilla. That's how I have to taste real vanilla flakes!

Ingredients for classic vanilla kipferl with Ostmann vanilla sugar

The very best Vanilla Kipferl - successful and easy

Of course, my son Tom was allowed to try the cookies, even if I value a lot of them healthy, sugar-free diet. However, I do not want to ban everything from him.

You prefer to eat healthy? A delicious recipe for sugar-free biscuits for the Christmas cookies I published a few days ago for you.Cover a baking sheet with baking paper.

  • Butter, 150 g Powdered sugar, marrow of vanilla bean, salt, egg yolk and egg knead. Mix with the flour and stir in a batter.

  • Make kipferl out of the dough. These should be about 5 cm long and slightly bent. Place on a baking tray covered with baking paper.

  • The Bake vanilla crisps in preheated oven for 10 minutes.

  • Den Mix the vanilla sugar with the 4 tablespoons powdered sugar and toss the vanilla flakes while still hot.

  • Allow to cool and store in tightly closed tins.

  • Enjoy the wonderful Christmas cookies!

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     Classic vanilla kipper with wheat flour, pu derzucker und Vanille

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