Since I'm a big fan of chia seeds, I tried this simple chia jam with raspberries last weekend. Super healthy and delicious!

Chia jam with raspberries and stevia

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At the weekend we always have breakfast extensively. While I tend to prepare a chi pudding or overnight oats during the week and go to the office with me, a lot of fresh bread will be served on the weekend.

Since I'm a big fan of chia seeds, last but not least Try this super delicious chia jam for the weekend.

Recipe for chia jam with raspberries and stevia

For all lovers of sweet spreads, the fruity chia jam made from fresh fruit and healthy chia seeds is just the right choice.

Chia Seeds (eg Superkost Chia Seeds *) swell in liquid. By this property, the tasteless seeds replace the gelling sugar in the jam production. Totally practical, right? I have sweetened my jam only with a little Stevia, for all-round healthy enjoyment.The small superfood seeds are currently on everyone's lips.

In the online shop of Dankebitte you will find the delicious spelled bread with chia seeds, called Dr. Chia , many more delicious bread mixes. Whether fruity, classic, nutty or spicy - your bread baking mix will be freshly mixed with thanks. In addition to many tasty bread ideas, everyone can put together their own favorite bread individually. Then at home, just some fresh yeast and water comes in the dough and then makes your breakfast bread on the way into the oven.

 Dr. Chia Brot Dankebitte

In keeping with the chia jam, I have the chia bread Dr. Chia tried. Dr. Chia is wonderfully crispy and I really liked it very much. And also the smell in the kitchen after freshly baked bread - ubezahlbar ...

Recipe for chia jam with raspberries

The Chia bread was made available to me free of charge by Dankebitte. Many thanks for that!
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