In addition to coffee, banana, avocado, chocolate and nuts are hidden in the coffee smoothie. It tastes super yummy cold with some crushed ice.

Coffee smoothie for breakfast

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Hello! Hello coffee! Hello smoothie! You get the full load today for a healthy, wide-awake and satisfying start to the day - a creamy coffee smoothie ♥

 Coffee smoothie for breakfast

Puuuh, our neighbors are just a bit modest. At least for me. Tom goes to bed at 19 o'clock (in his room), then usually announces himself around 4 o'clock with a small Schreikonzert and then sleeps only with us in the marriage bed again satisfied until half past seven in the morning. Now the parents among you will surely think, "Is that crazy? That sounds like a great night! "Maybe it's true, but I'm really spoiled with Tom's sleeping behavior and long for my sleeping baby and a later wake-up time :) I just love to sleep! But fine, on days like these, I just treat myself to something special for breakfast and forget the nocturnal restlessness and limited space in bed.

 Coffee smoothie with chocolate, avocado and banana

Coffee smoothie for breakfast - Oh yeah

I got the idea for the coffee smoothie discovered at Pinterest. Sounds a bit strange, but it is really delicious, healthy and makes you even more popsatt. In addition to coffee, banana, avocado, chocolate and nuts are hidden in the coffee smoothie. I drank my breakfast drink lukewarm, but in summer I can really imagine the ice-cold version with crushed ice!

 Coffee smoothie with chocolate, avocado and banana

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Naturata recently asked me if I would like a recipe with three products from their assortment, which are randomly assigned to me. I really liked the idea!

And here are the products from the Naturata assortment that made the coffee smoothie: cereal coffee, dark chocolate and a nutmeg mixture.I was quite surprised that he has such a strong aroma, even though he gets by without caffeine. Incidentally, I also found it very interesting that the coffee tastes very subtly like figs. The Fairtrade coffee harmonizes wonderfully with the intense taste of dark chocolate. Due to its 95% cocoa content, it can also be integrated into the low carb diet. The high-quality organic chocolate is completely dispensed with artificial ingredients and I think that you can taste it too!

The smoothie also tastes really delicious without avocado and banana.I pay particular attention to organic quality, especially with fruits and vegetables, and regularly buy from Naturata. What I really like here is that there is a box of food in the Naturata store in Sülz that does not look so pretty, but still tastes great. For Tom, there are always the pears from the "box", as they have some dents, but are sooo beautiful soft! Also for smoothies I use fruit and vegetables from the box, which costs only 50% of the regular price, again and again. A great idea!

Healthy coffee smoothie for breakfast

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