Healthy cooking is love is a beautiful cookbook for those who value healthy eating and would like to bring variety to the diet.

3-minute variety bread

In the next few weeks, I will introduce you to many great cookbooks that I have extensively dealt with during the holidays :) One of my new favorite books is Healthy Cooking is Love * - a lovingly designed cookbook with over 80 balanced and natural recipes without cow's milk, wheat and refined sugar. 3-minute variety bread from

Healthy cooking is love

Healthy cooking is love is the first book by food blogger Veronika Pachala, whose blog Carrots for Claire I love to read. Her daughter Claire's intolerance of cow's milk products, flavorings, colors and preservatives has radically changed her cooking and eating habits. Since then, her family has had plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, dates and maple syrup instead of sugar, wholemeal spelled flour instead of wheat flour and herbal dairy products.

The first time I leaf through, I immediately get into the 3-minute variety sandwich consisting of good grains, seeds and nuts in love and baked it since felt 100 times. I love it! But some other recipes from Healthy Cooking is Love are on my follow up list.

 Healthy cooking is love Book presentation

Composition & Design

A beautiful cookbook lovingly laid out with lots of food photographs and playful graphic elements.


Getting Started Smoothies, drinks and breakfast recipes with wonderful ideas for a healthy start to the day. In addition to the 3-minute bread you will find delicious overnight oats, healthy pancakes and lovely spreads.

In Salads, Snacks & Small Dishes , recipes such as the baked salad with dates and Tahin dressing and vegetable fries on the reader. Does not the salad sound absolutely delicious?The book also contains the recipe for Veronika's Best of Lasagna with Lentils and Quinoa, which was awarded the "Best Recipe" at the Food Blog Award.

The chapter concludes with Sweets & Biscuits with wonderful, healthy recipes for small and large food lovers.

Today I brought you the supersaftige 3-Minuten-Vielfaltbrot, which you should absolutely bake once.1 (10/01/2015)

Enjoy the delicious bread for the next Sunday breakfast!

Healthy bread with wholemeal spelled flour, oatmeal and carrots

My Conclusion

Healthy cooking is love is a beautiful cookbook for those who value healthy eating and want to add variety to their diet. The many healthy recipes are suitable for everyday and family life, so I highly recommend the book.

 Healthy bread with wholemeal spelled flour, oatmeal and carrots

The book was made available to me free of charge by ZS Verlag. My opinion was not influenced. Thank you so much for the great collaboration.
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