Beikost is primarily about getting your baby to know different foods and flavors in the first year of life.

Tips for Beikost - Tom's first porridge with 7 1/2 months

I was really looking forward to the appointment - Tom's first health food! For me as a food blogger, a magical time should begin - I would cook for my baby. First porridge, then finger food, then healthy snacks. What am I looking forward to this day and preparing everything perfectly. Well mom think! Because I made the bill without my little food denier. ;)

Consumption objector

Have the first Breiversuch We started when Tom was 5 1/2 months old. I have paid attention to the signs of maturity and was sure he showed me to me that day. He was quite interested in watching his dad and me eat and kept bringing his toys to his mouth. But even if little Tom found our food very exciting, he did not like his own and kept pushing the porridge out of his mouth with his tongue. The so-called Tongue reflex was still there. So it meant for me to continue to rest and wait.

 The first companion with 7 1/2 months

Beverage Ripe Mark

The following ripeness signs show that your baby is ready for the first food is:

Food Grade 1 - Sitting

In order to prevent babies from ingesting food, they should be able to sit down with some support and start their own care.

Beverage Ripe 2 - Grasping

If you choose finger food over porridge, then your baby should be in the Be able to grab the food. If your baby eats porridge, it can hold a spoon in his hand while eating.

Food Grade 3 - Tongue Reflex

If your baby still has the Tongue Reflex, then it will push out the food you give him. In that case, it's just not ready to eat and you should give it some more time.So far, the baby's digestive and excretory organs will need time to mature to full function.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that mothers breastfeed their baby for six months or bottle feeding to give. However, if the baby already has a strong interest in food, small amounts can be fed before the fifth month.

However, you know your baby best. Some are already ready for the first food at four months, some just eight months old. Most importantly, it's not we who set the pace but our babies.


The first time you try it is the "right" time, for Example at lunchtime after the morning nap . The baby should not be extremely hungry or very tired. In addition, your baby should be healthy and not plagued by a cold or gastrointestinal disease.


You should concentrate fully on food in the first few attempts, without any Toys and radio or television sounds that can distract you.


One to two spoons are enough in the beginning. If your baby turns his head or presses his lips together, he has eaten enough. But as long as it opens its mouth and requires a lookup, you may continue to feed. By no means should you force your baby to eat, because food should be fun after all.

The first thing to do at startup is that your baby gets to know different foods and flavors in the first year of life and Not about fast weaning of the formula .


When starting your baby, you should have some rest over the next two weeks to get your baby used to the new food without stress.

And my main tip: Keep calm and listen to your gut feeling! Every baby has its own pace.

Make a jar or cook it yourself?

I want to cook for Tom myself and I really hope he likes my food too. But I can also understand all the mothers who give their baby's glasses. Here, in my opinion, absolutely nothing to complain about, because baby food is very strictly controlled. I would just make sure that no sugar is added to the food.

Porridge or BLW?

Some babies do not want to be spoon-fed, but they want to discover the food themselves Mouth take. You'll probably quickly find out which type of food your baby is. In addition to the midday porridge Tom gets for breakfast and dinner, when my husband and I sit with him at the table, cucumber pieces, avocado or banana to get to know each other.

There are home-made carrot porridge for start-up

It worked - The first porridge

Tom is now almost 8 months old. Since the first failed attempt to try it, I have tried it again and again to convince him of food (porridge and finger food). After failed attempts to eat, we always took a break for a few days so that Tom would not associate anything bad with the spoon.

And this week, it was time for us. Tom had eaten his first-ever porridge on October 20.

Everything was as usual. I put his bib on, put him in his baby seat on the high chair, and gave him his own spoon to play and discover.Gaaanz important :) Then I touched his upper lip with the spoon, so he opens his mouth. And he did that - and ate!

Tom's first porridge, by the way, was white carrot in a jar . Yeah, you read that right - there was a jar. In the last few weeks I have simply done the work too often for nothing and unfortunately only a small freezer. (Now that I know that he likes to eat, I cook myself and I'm really looking forward to discovering many new flavors with him. Carrot he likes very much!

I would definitely like to post more posts on the subject of complementary food. Do you feel like it?

Until then all the love and a lot of fun with the first porridge!

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